Our growler policy is intended to:
- Make sure that the beer we provide to you maintains its high quality and integrity for your drinking pleasure; and
- Comply with California State Law

The following growlers will be filled for our customers:
- Any Finest Made branded growler
- Any 32 oz or 64 oz Butcher's Brewing screw top brown glass growler
- Any blank 32 oz or 64 oz screw top brown glass growler
- Any blank 1L swing top stainless steel growler

Blank growlers must not have any other logos on them and can not be covered with tape. All growlers must be clean and in good condition, we reserve the right not to fill any growler that does not meet our standards.


Looking to pick up a keg or two for a party or for the weekend? Finest Made offers our 1/6 Barrel (5.2 gal) kegs for your enjoyment.

Our policy is as follows:
- Contact the brewery via email at info@finestmade.com for an order form, or in person 36 to 48 hours in advance of your desired pickup to place your order and confirm your pickup date;
- Available styles and associated pricing will be confirmed at the time of your order;
- Bring a cash deposit of $100 when you pick it up;
- The deposit will be returned to you upon your return of the empty, undamaged keg.